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PritchardWebsites specializes in complete website design and development packages.

  • Full setup price: $4700 full website (based on content) or
  • $4900 with the special email and extensions package
  • + optional $139 Monthly (Will handle all hosting issues and provide 30 minutes support monthly)
Also offering:
  • Assistance on your project at $95 per hour for consultation. (First 30 minutes free)
  • Custom designed, mobile-friendly websites
  • Mobile Phone Apps
  • Quick, reliable & quality website maintenance
  • Website hosting and domain names

Contact Mike@PritchardWebsites for a quote.

Free 30 Minute Website Consultation

Consulting available, contact Pritchard Websites today to make use of all the available internet tools to spread the word about your business.

Advising on:
Website maintenance from all aspects.
Not just what can be done but also what your resources will support (people you have, their skill levels, etc.) because it does not make sense to start something you can't maintain.

and more...

  • Web site construction
    including: layout, planning, structure, design, repair and maintenance.
  • Media storage and display.
  • Social media integration.
  • Google ranking (SEO).

Designing your website, step-by-step

Step 1
#1. Determine your purpose
#2. Decide what to include
#3. Decide on the structure
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Step 2
#1. What do you need?
#2. What don't you need?
#3. Resources and goals?
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Step 3
#1. Easy to update
#2. Visitor friendly
#3. Clean, clear and uncluttered
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"I Want a Website, Now What Do I Do?"

  Get started today planning your website.
  Read through the 3-step process here and you will be well on your way.
  Or give Michael a call to assist in your website plan: (951)970-6172

Or: Fast-Track Start

  • Step 1. Get a quote on your site
  • Step 2. Make the initial payment
  • Step 3. We get started building!
  • Step 4. See your 1st draft in about a week
  • Step 5. We make your revisions
  • Step 6. We deliver your new website

Step 1 - Your Purpose for Your Website

Where to start in designing your website?

#1. What is your purpose?
  • So your customers can find you?
  • To provide an online catalog of your products or services?
  • To sell your products online?
  • To promote your business online?

#2. What do you want on your website?
  • Contact info: email, phone number, address, driving directions
  • Store hours
  • Product list or sell your products or services online?
  • Info on your business and a bio
  • Sales, events, promotions

AFTER you answer these questions, THEN decide on a structure for your webpage
  • Put most important stuff on front page:
    • General product categories,
    • Contact email, address & driving directions, phone number
    • Business hours,
    • Pictures of store
  • Customer Satisfaction pledge
  • Customer Testimonial(s)
  • Special sales, events, promotions

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Keep your website simple, clean and plainly present your info
  • No unnecessary words, short lines, bullet points
  • Studies show people do not read webpages in the same way they read printed material
    • "Web text should be short, scannable, and approachable. Typically, you should write half as many words for the web as you would for print. If targeting a broad consumer audience that includes people with no or little education, it's better to aim at 25 percent of the print word count. And in web writing, it's always best to start with the conclusion, so that people who read only the first line or two on a page still get the main point." read more of this article here...
  • Understand eye patterns - (In a "Z" pattern)
  • Don't reinvent a new navigation idea
  • Consider cross browser compatibility - Screen size and platform

Domain Name and Web Space
  • Approximately $229 per year
  • Lots of choices, don't buy more than you need, you can always change
  • You can move your webpage wherever and whenever you want to
  • If you choose to set up your page through a "content managment system" you can hire someone to move it for you, it will not be easy to do it unless you have server experience
  • We offer the best website hosting and email services around. Contact us for more info.

Java, JavaScript, Flash
  • If you try to build your own site, don't even try these things yourself unless you are willing to spend lots of time working on your webpage

Search Engine Effectiveness
  • Depends on how you build your page
  • There are many tricks to improve your placing
  • Creating a wonderful business website does not make any sense, unless your business can be found. To be found on Google is getting more difficult. You may want to hire someone, like Pritchard Websites to help you place well in the search engines

Logo Creation
  • If you create your own logo, when you ask for people's opinions, be absolutely sure you ask people who will tell you the truth
  • Neither creating a logo, nor finding someone that will tell you the truth about if it, is easy

Step 2 - What Do You Need?

In spite of all the things you have heard about what you need for a website, you Do Not Need more than your man-power resources can support.

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It makes no sense to pay someone (or for you) to set up a business website that has more functions than you have man-power to manage.

You can quite easily buy into the idea of paying for a "really cool" website, or starting a facebook or twitter account for your business, or paying for a blog or email system. Then find out those things don't fit your business methods, thereby wasting the money and time you invested.

So what do You need for a website?

Start small.

Start with what you are doing now and add in one thing at a time. When you or your staff has that part under control, then add the next thing you want.

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You don't need an elaborate website package, instead start small, and add things one at a time. As your team demonstrates their ability to manage the parts they have, then add the next thing.

It is cheaper this way, and makes for a more smooth and stable growth into your online presence.

So what do you Need for a website?

You need a goal. There are many.

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  • You don't need: Facebook, Twitter, or a blog. Unless you fully understand how to use them for your business. All those things are good, but they do require a bit of work.
  • You don't even need an easy to maintain website, unless you are going to keep it up-to-date.
  • You don't need to offer online sales or a video or a "members only" section, unless you can manage it.
  • If you can manage those things you should see your sales increase dramatically over time.
What you do need is a plan, and an understanding of what you want to do.

Contact me today for an one-hour free, consultation:

Pritchard Websites main emphasis will always be to fit your goals into your resources...

Not just your financial resources, but fitting your goals into your ability to utilize your people to accomplish your goals.

It does not matter what type of technologies are available to you, it matters which technology systems your business can effectively use.

Consultation fee: $95 per hour. Contact Pritchard Websites today for a free, 30 minute consultation.

Step 3 - What Makes a Great Website

So what makes a great (and profitable) website?

If you have the resources:
  • An easy to maintain website, one that you or someone on your staff can update, one that does not require special skills to update. Or, usually it is cheaper and more efficient to hire Pritchard Websites to manage your website updates for you. All revisions, updates and repairs are done within 24 hours of the request, usually within 3 hours.

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  • You need to make your business welcoming for potential customers. You should have a picture of the store on the front page and driving directions to get there
  • A complete description of your product line or services
  • An explanation of why people should shop with you
  • Clean, uncluttered and attractive layout
  • An easy to find search box
  • A simple and logical menu system
  • An events or specials calendar
  • An integrated (or link to a separate) company blog
  • Online forms so that people can enroll in your events or send you feedback
  • Hours of operation
  • The ability to sell all or some of your products online
  • Facebook/Twitter account integrated with your website announcing events and services
  • Live audiocasting and videocasting of your events
  • An email newsletter and integrated signup form

These are some of the things that make for excellent web site.


The only limitation to implementing these features is your ability to maintain them.

It makes no sense to put an event calendar, blog or start a Facebook if no one updates them. An email newsletter won't do you any good if no one writes it. Audio or Video broadcasting makes no sense if you have no one that can run them.

That is why I firmly believe in not implementing lots of changes at once. Train your staff in one change (per department) at a time.

Michael is available for consultation on implementing your web presence in an orderly and maintainable time frame.


Michael Pritchard:
Phone: 951-970-6172

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Call or email today for all your website or web presence needs including:

  • Website maintenance or repair
  • Facebook updates
  • Custom website design
  • CMS (Joomla or Wordpress) needs
  • Graphic creation
  • Domain name or web hosting renewals or moves


What Will it Cost? As in all things in life, how much your website is going to cost depends. On a lot of things. If you need changes to your current site, or need a simple html website, contact Pritchard Websites for a job quote. Hourly rate is $95 per hour.