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"Quick, reliable quality"

That is what you want.
Pritchard Websites has years of experience and will give you quick, reliable, quality work. Everytime.

A lot of people say they "do websites", but if you are not going to let your 14 year old nephew fly you to Hawaii, you probably shouldn't let him run your website either.

Yes, it would be safer than flying, but when your website stalls in mid air you may wonder...

Mike is a professional web-designer and web-developer.
Give Mike a call today at (951)970-6172.

Website maintenance is one of the most important features available from Pritchard Websites.

  • Website updates are completed within 24 hours (usually within 3 hours, based on demand).
  • You will be notified when the request is received, to confirm the request,
  • and you will be notified when the revisions are completed with a link to the revised webpages.

Website Maintenance

Some of the website maintenance duties now being handled by Pritchard Websites include:
  • Text updates
  • Photo adjustments (photoshop), cropping, sizing and placement
  • New page creation and deletion
  • Changing menu items
  • Graphics creation
  • Google ranking placement adjustments and edits
  • Layout adjustments
  • Slideshow and photo display adjustments
  • Domain name and web host renewals
  • JavaScript adjustments
  • Amazon and Shopping Cart revisions
  • Facebook posting
  • Media updates
  • Locating relevant news stories
  • Youtube & Paypal management
  • Writing articles for websites
  • Update class dates and times
  • Forms creation and maintenance
  • Email address creation and maintenance
  • Website backups

A few of the websites maintained by Pritchard Websites include:


Mike Pritchard:
Phone: 951-970-6172

Call or email today for all your website or web presence needs including:

  • Website maintenance or repair
  • Consultation
  • Facebook updates
  • Custom design
  • CMS (Joomla or Wordpress) needs
  • Graphic creation
  • Domain name or web hosting renewals or moves

What Will it Cost?

As in all things in life, how much your website is going to cost depends. On a lot of things.

If you need changes to your current site, or need a simple html website, contact Pritchard Websites for a job quote. Hourly rate is $45 per hour.

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Yelp Review:

"Mike is a Web "Master" in the truest sense. I couldn't be more pleased with first the initial website he built for Terra Design six years ago, and now with the upgrades and additions just completed.

It is clear to me that my business wouldn't be the success it is without the website Mike designed. My clients consistently comment on how much they like my website and I am positive it has increased both the quality and quantity of my new work.

In today's challenging business environment, it is hyper-critical to make a strong first impression and I believe my website does so. As a designer, I am a demanding client, but Mike goes toe to toe. He has a great eye, clever ideas, years of experience, is knowledgeable and most accommodating (and patient).

Today ones' website is just a single tool, and Mike was quick to point out how to utilize social networking and its tools to best generate the most traffic, visibility and interest. He guided me through a world that I little understood and I know my business will continue to thrive for all the new points of contact he recommended."
- Terra D.

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Yelp Review:

"As a small business owner I recently found that my website and web marketing were no longer matching the needs and look of my business. I was referred to Mike by a friend who had worked with him for many years and spoke highly of him.

Mike worked with me through the redesign of my website, listening to my needs and responding with suggestions and ideas. He rebuilt my old website on a new platform, added functionality and making it easier to manage. He did all this speedily and efficiently.

His service is friendly, prompt and professional. But working with Mike goes beyond just this. I truly enjoyed working with Mike. Personally, I felt he had my companies needs front and center. He is someone I could trust: to bounce ideas off, discuss options with and to turn to when website technology issues arose, even those that were self inflicted!

I thoroughly recommend Mike as someone who can help your business, someone to rely on as having your best interests at heart and with whom it is truly a pleasure to do business."
- David B.