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Google is changed how they list websites for mobile searches. About 50% of Google searches are on mobile devices. (Searches for your name will continue to show up in mobile searches, probably)

I spent three to four weeks studying the changes and trying to determine the best, fastest and cheapest way to get websites to continue to rank well for mobile searches. This is the biggest and most complicated change Google has made, the fix is not simple.


The general guideline used to be four seconds. Your website should load on a mobile device within four seconds. Google just shortened that to one second. As you can imagine that is quite the reduction but additionally about 3/4 of a second is taken up by things you can't control.

Google is measuring lots of factors, and if your site doesn't measure up well your ranking on Google mobile searches will slip because of it.

Test Your Site

You can test your site here

After a lot of work I was able to get to rank well (92). That website is coded, not a Joomla site.

After much more work I was able to get to rank well (89). This website is a Joomla website and after testing many different options I finally had to create a separate, non-joomla page to use for the home page. (Wordpress sites rank as poorly as Joomla sites do)

When you check your site on the above link you will see first that google is telling you that you need to reduce the size of your images. One of the problems is if you reduce some of your images to the point google wants, those images won't look good.

Then you'll see Browser Caching. No matter if you do everything right, if you use some of Google's code (like Analytics or fonts or G+ code) you will be penalized.

Then you will see Minify Javascript and Html. That is important but not simple.

Google implemented these changes on April 21st, 2015 and after another week of study and testing I can say I was wrong about Joomla (and Wordpress too). I now think it will be much longer than a month before they have their programs inline with Google. This will require some big changes.

Mobile Searches

Again, the problem is that on April 21st Google started ranking websites lower that don't perform well on mobile devices. 50% of internet access is from mobile devices so this is a big deal. It means your website could be harder to find on Google than it is now.

Now, the Good News

I have worked out a method for getting websites to pass Google's test: and Those are not Joomla or Wordpress sites. They are coded websites and therefore much easier to work with.

But I have also got Joomla sites to pass: There are a few problems with getting a Joomla site to pass, it requires quite a bit of work.

Should I Optimize Now?

There will be an advantage to those websites that are "Google Optimized" as soon as possible, they will rank higher than their competition. All websites will be affected, the first to optimize will have an advantage in Google ranking on mobile searches. I expect to see quite a few websites penalized by Google as they roll out this change, but it is hard to say what effect this will have in the short term.

It takes about 2-8 hours to implement these changes. It is possible that Joomla will come out with a complete, built-in fix for this but that seems very unlikely to happen within a year. You could implement these changes on your website yourself, but I wouldn't recommend it. If you would like to hire me to make these changes for you the cost would be around $100-$400 depending on the complexity of your website.

The Need for a Professional

This is the biggest change I have seen Google make, it complicates website creation considerably. This new ranking program by Google creates even a wider separation between building a website and creating an effective website. Be very careful if you are thinking of having someone build a website for you, most anyone can put together a website, but now you'll need a professional if you want your website to rank well on Google.

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Author: Mike Pritchard

About Mike

Mike Pritchard is an international web designer and has over 13 years experience in presenting compelling website content. A master at website development his other skills include custom html, css and PhotoShop, he has reached expert status in all three. Mike is experienced with forms, search engine optimization, server & email setups, print graphics and multi-language websites.

Mike's latest passion is mobile friendly websites. He enjoys the challenge of designing websites that display correctly on all devices.

Born in Santa Maria, California, Mike never moved farther than 30 miles from his home town, until at age 46 he moved to the country of Hungary to be a missionary for 7 years. Mike is married with 4 children, and 11 12 chickens in his backyard.

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